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This page is meant to govern the use of services by the user. It means that any natural or legal person who has agreed to become a member of our site. It also represents the agreement and understanding between individual or entity who subscribes to our service. It is therefore advisable to read the terms of use properly before advancing your application. By the use of our service, you agree the use of our applications. In case your agreement is harmful to the company or any third party service, it may be breached or terminated by our website. So it should be acknowledged to the users that their account might be suspended in case of any harmful effect without any prior notice. Clients are advised to read this document carefully to remain in consent with this agreement.


Our website provides content and support related to the products of smartdevicehelp.com. The services are being provided on the basis of authenticity of the client. By agreeing to this document, you agree by the use of our services. We thereby reserve every right to continue or terminate your service at any point of time. Your access to our web and email servers will be discontinued at the time of termination.

Responsible conduct

The user agrees to act responsibly or do not abuse any other user at any state or point of time. In case the user violates or breach this conduct, he shall be responsible for the termination of his account and our services.

Eligibility and reservation of rights

In case the user is charged any fee, the user may be responsible for the use of our contract under the rights of eligibility. In order to avail any charges, it might be important for the user to create an account. This account might help the user to access certain areas of our website. We also reserve the right to terminate your agreement in suspicion of any illegal activities. Your account can also be suspended if you have agreed to use of any payable service, and thereafter do not pay for that service.


As a part of convenience to our users, we may provide links to third party sites. We have no control over the representation of content displayed on third party websites. In case you notify any illegal content or link, you may notify us by email and we will disable it.

Security against legal liability

In case the user is liable to any loss, damage or conduct of breach, he has to pay the fine of the norm. Such behaviour will violate your term of agreement and hold you legally liable against any damage to the company.

Proprietary rights -

Copyright - The materials used on the site including without limitation, the Site name, URL, any logos, the design, text, graphics and other files are owned and have copyright to the owners of smartdevicehelp.com

Trademark - Any logo or precise image displayed on our website will be the trademark of smart devices help.com.

Ownership and use - We perpetuate the ownership of all the intellectual proprietary rights and you might not claim any right over the ownership of any right regardless of your agreement.


By us - We will have the right to terminate your account in case of any illegal or suspicious activity.

By you - If you have opened an account, you can close it anytime by notifying us by sending a email at support@smartdeviceshelp.com.

Effect of termination - If your account is suspended or terminated by any reason, all the files and its associates shared by you will be deleted by smartdevicehelp.com

Force Majeure

We will not be responsible in providing or delay of any type of information in an act of god which could include scenarios such as hurricane, floods, war, or any such type of activity which is beyond the power limit of smartdevicehelp.com.

Limitation of Liability

The use of services at smartdevicehelp.com isat your own risk as we are not liable to any damage or loss expressed by any information of our content.

Complete agreement

Read the entire agreement carefully before signing any contract as this agreement compensates all the services whether verbal or oral between the user and ourwebsite. It is requested to review this page from time to time to get updates about any change in our policy.

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