Jan 04, 2019

Apple HomePod Review 2019 - The Best Sounding Smart Speaker Yet

We all know that Apple has come up with wide range of outstanding products. Even though the company has launched a number of smart products way before other brands still the company got a little slow in terms of wireless speakers. Something like this is also acceptable as it is somewhat like a HomePod. In spite of having certain limitations and flaws, this HomePod is one of the best wireless speakers available in the market. It is not just a speaker but performs the functions of an all in one speaker. So, here is the Apple HomePod review. 

1) Apple HomePod Build

It has a classy and beautiful appearance. It is small in size and heavy in weight. It is extremely dense in nature. The device also has a subtle style, specifically the one that has a finish of Space Grey. This speaker is manufactured with seamless mesh fabric and has a cylindrical shape. Its covering is such that instead of influencing the environment around, it gets mixed up with it. 

Build is the first thing to consider in the Apple HomePod review, It has a neat finishing. The shining top panel of this music system is black in color. Whereas Siri(the apple assistant) is a shifting ball grey in color. This way it appears as of it is floating in the darkness of the black panel, which makes it really fascinating. 

2) Arrangements Made in the Apple HomePod

At the time of playing music, symbols like ‘plus’ and ‘minus’ show up, where you need to touch if you want to increase or decrease the volume. Another important thing to mention in the Apple HomePod review is that if you will tap exactly in the centre of the top panel, then you will discover the play or pause button. If you just keep on pressing the button of Siri, then you can also skip a track or go back to the previous track. 

There is something really amazing stuff concealed beneath the covering of transparent mesh. As Apple has been working on this concept for the past several years, it has a clean slate and tweeters at the top as well as on the bottom. This arrangement is completely different from the one on the conventional speakers. 

3) Tweeters and Bassy Battery Power Processing

The tweeters are tilted a little upwards and fire outwards. This way the sound does not bounce off the surface where the HomePod is located. If it can avoid reflections, then it can obtain greater control over the behaviour of the treble.
The total number of tweeters are 7, placed on the unit’s base. Woofer is at the top, which reflects bass and mid frequencies off the glossy panel of the bottom. This is why the sound is equally distributed near the device. It also performs the function of a fanatic driver, having the ability of shifting 20 mm from peak to peak.  It also has an embedded bassy battery, it gets from the Apple A8 chip. This same chip is also placed in iPhone 6 as well as 6 plus. This chip makes the speaker a powerhouse.

Apple Home pod review reveals that all this battery is used by Siri, it analyses the surroundings of the speaker and the music that is actually being played at that point of time to make sure that the HomePod provides you the best of the quality. The analysis of the surroundings will only be done when you are using the HomePod the very first time or shift it to another location. The HomePod listens to the song itself and then plays it for the user after adjusting sound quality.

4) Apple HomePod Sound

Here is all you need to know about sound in the Apple HomePod review. The HomePod is known for its accuracy in playing the correct soundtrack just after listening to the owner once. It pretty much delivers everything about what you play on it. Having a bass driver is a great quality for shifting the air around it but controlling it at the same time is a difficult job to perform. This speaker is more like a pocket size power house as it has great qualities like punchy, energetic, and tuneful. 

Additionally, it can bring deep vocal and deep brass from the track. Moreover, it has a high frequency range that is pleasing to the ears but not aggressive. You can play anything on this HomePod such as a piano version of a song track, which will help you know that this speaker has a lot more texture in comparison to other all in one speakers. Adding more to this Apple HomePod review, if you listen to the songs on HomePod at a low volume, then also the sound is loud enough and excitement level is retained. 

But if you are having a party at your place and you wanna dance on a loud music, then you can also do that. One amazing thing is that he sound still remains unflustered, clear, and composed. Apple has also fulfilled its promise of 360 degree sound. As the HomePod is placed in a free space, the sound that you get to listen to is very much consistent. Although you may see certain variation as you walk around the circle. Even if you keep the speaker up against the wall, then also the sound would be pretty consistent Although you need to make sure that your speaker is standing right angle.  This position of the speaker is very much preferred.

5) Apple HomePod Features 

Now, we will discuss about some of the features in the Apple HomePod review. If you are an Android device user, then you will not be able to connect these wireless speakers to your device. Neither can you set it with an iOS phone nor can you link it to the Bluetooth. It is a complete waste of money for the Android device users to buy this speaker as it is incompatible with them. But if you are using Apple, then  
all you have to do is to keep it close to your iOS device and it will display on the screen. 

Choose the room that you are going to use it in. If you wish to transfer Apple music, iTunes, iCloud  settings, then you just need to tap on the speaker. There is no dedicated application in your iOS smartphone. Certain settings are available if you are using the home app. You can skip the tracks by going back and forth. Moreover, you can adjust the volume in the Apple music application. This is the best voice controlled experience for an Apple user. 

Another great feature of Home Pod is that it listens to your instructions even when you have played on loud music. But if you are completely relying on Siri, then there can be certain disadvantages. For example, if you want to add another song to the playlist, then you can only do it by using your voice. It means that there are going to be constant interruption in the song that you are already playing. Moreover, there can be additional stutters and misunderstandings. 

Siri does not only control the volume of the music but it also performs certain other functions such as controlling heat, light, reading the messages, giving response to the messages received. Additionally, it can read news for you and find movie tickets. But its main focus is always music. 

Apple HomePod Verdict

The HomePod isn’t a perfect smart home system but with stereo pairing and multi room support, it becomes one of the worthy smart systems. If you are considering to purchase this product, then you need to be a dedicated Apple user. Additionally, you must use Apple as default streaming service. So, this was all you need to know about Apple HomePod review 2019

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