Dec 13, 2018

Top 11 Best Smart Home Devices & Systems of 2019

If you talk about the best smart home devices and systems in 2019, then it does not just mean playing a song on Alexa or asking about today’s weather. Now, by using smart devices and systems, you can switch off the lights of your living room, vacuum the floors of your house or watch a movie.

With the availability of these smart devices, you can easily and conveniently perform day to day tasks. These top smart home devices devices have now become an irreplaceable part of our lives. They can also perform the task of security system at your home in your absence. Basically, they are life simplifiers. Mentioned below are some of the best Smart home devices 2019:

1) Amazon Alexa

Presently, Amazon Alexa is one of the best smart home devices of 2019. This artificial intelligence has over 7,000 third-party integrations. With the help of Alexa, it is easier for a person to manage and control daily household tasks. Today, Amazon Alexa can perform multiple smart functions.

It can also connect with a TV or thermostat. As ecosystem of Amazon Alexa is pretty extensive, you can integrate it with any of the smart products. You can now use Amazon Alexa to adjust the room temperature, lock the doors, and close the garage door. Amazon Alexa can also speak with many other smart devices.

2) Google Assistant

If there is any home system that can compete with Alexa, then that is Google Assistant. However, it has less number of third-party integrations in comparison to Alexa. Its speciality is that it can answer the questions that Alexa can’t. This is because Google owns the search engine space. Answers provided by Google Assistant is one of the best smart home devices in 2019. Also, it is way more accurate in comparison to Amazon Alexa.

When it comes to understanding the questions put up by an individual, no one can beat Amazon Alexa. Additionally, Google Assistant can get linked with products from various known brands such as Nest, August, Belkin, and Philips. Moreover, it works with popular applications like Uber and Spotify.

3) Wink Hub 2

Wink Hub 2 smart device has been particularly created for the mainstream consumers. It cannot get merged with various smart products like Google Assistant or Alexa. It supports protocols such as Bluetooth, Z-Wave, Wi-Fi, ClearConnect, Lutron, and Kidde. If you wish to sync your wall and kitchen appliances, then this is the best smart home devices 2019 that you can ask for. Additionally, you can download the Wink Hub 2 application and  close the garage door or turn off light switches from your phone when you are on the way.

4) Best Speaker: Amazon Echo (2nd Generation)

If you wish to get a smart home system that can cater to your daily requirements and is also affordable, then Amazon Echo is the right device for you. You can sync this speaker to Amazon Alexa to send messages, make calls, and listen to music. Furthermore, it can set alarms for you and answer the questions put up by you. It can also get connected to other best smart home devices.  It has 360 degree audio feature and it also makes use of noise cancelling technology.

5) Best Lights: Philips Hue

Being one of the best smart home devices enables you to change the color and intensity of light according to your wish. You can create your own new color coordination of lights using Philips Hue. Additionally, using Philips Hue smart device, you can setup color-coordinated alarms, so that there is a bright and beautiful look in your room when you get up. They work with every smart home system 2019, which is why this option is the most flexible of all.

6) Best Light Switch: TP-Link HS200

Philips Hue is indeed a great smart device but in case the physical lights are flipped, then your bulb is not going to work. To resolve this problem, you need to buy smart light that can turn on or off your lights irrespective of the fact whether the physical switch is turned on or off. By using the Kasa app, you can perform certain smart actions. You can say to the app that your watching TV downstairs, then it will automatically turn off all the lights upstairs. These are some of the amazing benefits that one can get by buying the best smart home devices.

7) Best Thermostat: Ecobee4 Smart Thermostat 

Ecobee4 smart thermostat is one of the top smart home devices as it enables you to control the temperature by making voice commands. Other than just performing the function of a thermostat, it can also work as a speaker. Basically, it can perform every job that your Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa can perform like shopping and playing music. In case you already have a smart speaker, then this is an affordable choice for those who need best smart thermostat.

8) Best Security: NetGear Arlo Q

There are certain top smart devices, which can offer more entertainment and convenience. But if you are looking for a smart device that can give you maximum home security. NetGear Arlo Q device records audios and videos in high quality. Moreover, it clicks high quality snapshots of people when it is dark. The NetGear Arlo camera can record videos even when you are at work or on the way. It creates a free audio and video backup of the past 7 days. This is a valuable investment in comparison to other security systems.

9) Best Grill: Char-Broil Digital Electric Smoker

If you are someone who loves eating grilled food on a daily basis, then you must be well aware of all the vexation that one has to go through while grilling food. Checking that the temperature is sufficiently hot and does not burn the meat and various other things to be done under the process.

By purchasing best smart home devices 2019 like Char-Broil Digital Electronic Smoker, you don’t have to go through all the trouble that you generally go through while making steak. It will notify you about the internal meat temperature and when it is preheated.

10) Best Cooking: Perfect Bake Pro

If you have ingredients like eggs, a cup of flour, and a few blueberries kept in your refrigerator and you don’t know what to do with it, then this smart device can help you.It can create a good recipe out of any of the food inputs that you are available with. One can autoscale the recipe according to the quantity of ingredients or the number of people.

It can also a form up a shopping list according to the recipe that you wish to prepare. You can also use a smart bowl for measuring the required quantity of ingredients as the bowl will notify you when to stop.

11) Ecovacs Deebot N795

If you are looking for the top smart home devices 2019, then you must not forget to add this smart vacuum in your list. This Ecovacs Deebot vacuum is the smartest deal one can ever get. You can sync it with various apps and smart home systems. This cleaner cleans the floor perfectly. Additionally, it has a powerful battery backup.

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