Dec 14, 2018

Top 7 Best Video Doorbell 2019 - Reviews of Smart Doorbells

By using a video doorbell, you can determine who arrived at your doorstep. If you wish to buy the best video doorbell 2019, then you must take a look at some of the top video doorbells. After evaluating all the options that are available in the market, you will be able to choose the video doorbell that you desire to buy. So, mentioned below are some of the best video doorbells that you can take a look at:

1) Nest Hello Video Doorbell & Review 2019

The Nest Hello video doorbell camera produces the most high quality videos. Additionally, its speaker and microphone are remarkable. The Nest Hello video doorbell camera can recognize the face of a person and speaks to that individual when he or she arrives at your doorstep. The Nest Hello camera records videos constantly, so you will not miss a single event.

Furthermore, you can select particular zones and the camera will give you the notification when an object or person comes or draws near to that area. If you want to get the benefit of all the incredible features of this doorbell, then you must take a subscription of Nest Aware Service. Moreover, the Nest Hello video doorbell requires a hard wired connection.

2) Ring Video Doorbell 2 & Review 2019

This best video doorbell runs completely by using battery power, you can take it anywhere with you. Plus, if you buy the chime device, then you can listen to the doorbell ringing in your house. It has a high definition camera and is perfect for motion alerts. Although this model of Ring Doorbell isn’t as incredible as Ring Pro. Still, you get to store videos at affordable prices. Moreover, you get to share videos with your neighbours. Ring video doorbell 2 is compatible with IFTTT, Home, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. Its starting storage fee is 30 dollars per annum.

3) August Doorbell Cam & Review 2019

August video doorbell 2019 has an incredible HindSense feature, which makes a video prior to motion detection. It means the doorbell creates an image that can be used later. Although the video doorbell does not have the best resolution but the image of a person in the video is clear enough.

It has a spotlight, which helps to know who has appeared at you door during the night time. August doorbell cam has 1280x960 video resolution. The field of view of this best video doorbell is 120 degrees.

August vedio doorbell can sync with with Wink, Xfinity, IFTTT, Nest, Honeywell, Apple Homekit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. The video doorbell can work using a battery or a wired connection. Its appearance is similar to that of a traditional doorbell, visitors forget to press the bell and rather knock on the door.

4) Ring Video Doorbell Pro & Review 2019

This doorbell is the best invention of Ring so far in terms of appearance and size. Ring video doorbell pro has the best customized motion zones of every doorbell tested so far. It specifies the number of places in the field of vision of your camera where you need to be alert. Ring video doorbell has a field of view of 160 degrees. It has a 1080p resolution. Ring Video Doorbell 2 is one of the best cameras and it has highly competitive storage cost.  

The Ring application enables you to share videos created by the Ring Doorbell with your neighbours. It is a bit difficult to install the Ring video doorbell 2. You do not only require to install this top video doorbell 2019 but you are also required to install the chime device that came along with it. Additionally, it has a battery backup. Moreover, it has a 30 dollars per annum storage fee.

5) SpotCam Video Doorbell Pro & Review 2019

This best video doorbell has a different approach in comparison to other video doorbells. It has a small ringer and a big button enclosure. The enclosure consists of 4AA batteries, which is the power source for the doorbell. The size of the tiny ringer is same as the USB power adaptors. This small ringer can be connected to a wall socket.

There is no requirement of wired connection between the doorbell and the ringer. This is why, SpotCam video doorbell 2019 is more user-friendly in comparison to other models. The SD card stores the videos. If you have an Android or iOS phone, then you can download the SpotCam video doorbell application and connect it to the ringer and doorbell through SpotCam cloud service.

You can view the video of the person who has rung your doorbell. The quality of the video is really good and you can see the video within a delay of 2 seconds. Although, it becomes difficult to have a conversation with the person who is standing at your door. The basic service provided by this best video doorbell 2019 is free of cost. But if you wish to get online storage, then that is not possible without paying the annual charges of 29 dollars.

6) Zmodo Greet Pro Doorbell & Review 2019

Zmodo Greet Pro has quart rectangular appearance with a low profile. The size of this best video doorbell 2019 is no different from the Ring Pro. It does not have switchable panels which is the reason why it does not coordinate with the color of your door.

It gets linked by using a two-wired connection to the ringer, which later supplies power to the Zmodo Greet pro. Download the Zmodo Great Pro app if you have an Android or iOS device. Then, enter the details of your wireless network. Now, show Qcode app to the ringer camera. This best video doorbell 2019 will read it and will get linked to your network.

Nonetheless, the combination of the app and the doorbell is not very useful as there is a time lag of 15 seconds. On the other hand, the quality of video captured by the camera is outstanding. Instead of giving you a 180 degree view camera. The application displays 90 degrees but enables you to move right or left by tilting your device. Which is why, it is easy to see what the visitor is holding in his hands i.e. paperwork or badge. Moreover, it gets simpler to take the view of the surroundings.

7) Remo Bell Doorbell & Review 2019

Out of all the video doorbells, this best video doorbell had the least resolution and was really large in size. Moreover, you cannot sync it with any of the smart home devices. The video resolution of RemoBell doorbell is 720p and the field of view is 120 degrees. RemoBell is a wireless doorbell that is powered by 6AA batteries. Starting storage fee of RemoBell video doorbell 2019 is not less than 3.99 dollars per month.

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