Nov 24, 2018

How to Install and Setup the Ring Video Doorbell?

Smart home devices like video doorbell are extremely useful for numerous reasons. Basically, they perform the role of your ears and your eyes when you are not sitting at home. It enables you to take a look at things when you are somewhere else. So, if you are planning to do a Ring video doorbell setup and installation, then you have opened up the right page.

This Wi-Fi enabled smart home device enables you to have more control and security over your house. Ring video doorbell is an elite product with multiple incredible features.  It has night vision, two-way talking, human detection, motion detection, and 1080p video quality, and interchangeable faceplates. It has its own power kit and hence it does not need to be connected with a hard wire.  

As far as it is considered about the Ring video doorbell setup process, you may need to hire a professional person that can provide you with a fast and reliable connection.

Charge Your Ring Doorbell:

  • Before you get started with the setting up process, charge the ring doorbell  by using the orange cable that has been provided to you along with it.

  • As you charge, you will observe a circular light in the front part of the bell. This light will give you the status of how much battery has been charged.

  • In case you already have a doorbell. Then, you can use the same power supply for your Ring video doorbell. In case, you don’t have one, then you can use the  inbuilt power kit.

  • If you observe motion events frequently, then you may have to charge the doorbell in frequent intervals.

If you wish to know how to setup Ring Video Doorbell, then read the steps mentioned below. You can also take assistance from smart devices help for this purpose by calling their Ring customer service number.

Step 1: Download Ring Application

  • First of all, download the ring application. This Ring Doorbell app is going to help you throughout the entire process of installation.

  • You can also take reference from the manual to complete Ring doorbell installation process. Moreover, you can watch a tutorial to understand how to install a Ring video doorbell.

Step 2: Perform the Setup Process in Your Application

  • As mentioned above, the application will help you go through the process. Launch the app and then touch on the + sign for setting up a new device and then tap on the option of video doorbell.tup process needs to be completed near the router.

Step 3: Video Test

  • Push the button that is placed in the front for testing the video. Conduct the same video test while you are outside and inside. Press the button that is placed in the doorbell’s front to watch the video on the app.
  • If the video quality outside isa lower in comparison to the one inside, then you need to change the position of your router and bring it closer to the door.  You can also buy another Wi-Fi extender.

Step 4: Mounting Bracket Installation

  • Take out everything that is kept in the Ring video doorbell box in the place where you are going to have setup Ring video doorbell.  Now, place the mounting bracket according to the required level.

  • Take out the orange tape and use  mounting bracket as template to make holes in the four corners to place the screws.

  • Now, on the concrete or brick, use the power drill and drill bit for installation of anchors.

  • Now, directly drive the screws in the wall. Ensure that they have been properly placed and set  into the mounting bracket. Alao, make sure that the bracket does not bend when you tighten the screws.

Step 5: Wiring

  • In the next step of Ring video doorbell installation, link the wires coming out of the wall to the screws placed in the bracket. You can connect any wire with any screw.

  • Additionally, the transformer with which the wiring is connected must have a voltage within the range of 8 VAC to 24 VAC. The wiring should also be connected to an internal doorbell.

Step 6: Attaching Ring Doorbell to the Bracket

  • Now, make holes in your Ring video doorbell. Push them in the downward direction towards the wall and stop when you hear a click.

Step 7: Ring Video Doorbell Security

  • In order to make the security screws tight, use the Ring screwdriver’s end that has a shape of a star.
  • Once the screws are tightened properly, then Ring video doorbell setup process gets completed.

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