Dec 29, 2018

Ring vs Ring Pro Video Doorbell 2019 : Pros & Cons and Verdict

Today, more and more number of people are interested in buying smart home devices as they are such great life simplifiers. Because of this reason, some of the smart home purchasers are concerned about the security of their house and looking for security automation. 

The first thing that comes to one’s mind when they think about security automation is smart doorbell. Two of the most prominent home security doorbells are Ring pro doorbell and Ring doorbell. These smart doorbells can capture videos, take pictures, set alarm, and do motion detection whenever it is required. The doorbells that top the charts in the competition of home security doorbells are Ring Video doorbell pro and Ring Wi-Fi enabled doorbell. 

These two have been the most popular doorbells in the market for quite a long time now. Ring is known for selling the best and most reliable doorbell products in the market. To understand why these two are the best, take a look at the review of Ring vs Ring pro video doorbell. 

Review of Ring Video Doorbell

People have discussed about Ring Video Doorbell numerous times. They have also compared it to various other doorbell products. But each time it has been compared to some other product, Ring was always triumphant. Ring has been selected as the product of the year as it has so many positive reviews, remarkable features, and a large number of satisfied customers. Basically, a customer has every reason to praise this great product. 

1) Easy Installation Process

If you want to talk about Ring vs Ring pro video doorbell, then let us first start with the installation. The best thing about Ring video doorbell is that it is very easy to install. It is necessary for you to know that it is a Wi-Fi enabled doorbell. Moreover, the installation process does not take more than 2 minutes.

2) Exceptional Specifications and Features

It has a 720p HD camera. It has 180 degree field of view. Additionally, it has inbuilt night vision. If you wish to add more to it, then you can do audio streaming using it and at the same time it allows noise cancellation.  Furthermore, it has smart motion detection sensor. This is the only video doorbell that offers the service of voice recording. 

It also has a wire and an inbuilt rechargeable battery. It is weather resistant and comes in 4 different colors. Other than that, it offers lifetime warranty. It offers certain extraordinary features that are not provided by other smart doorbells.As we are discussing about Ring vs Ring pro video doorbell, there is a difference in terms of field of view and camera quality. 

3) Pros and Cons of Ring Doorbell

If you think that this doorbell does not have any cons, then you are wrong. On the down side, the doorbell has certain weak points as well. The pros and cons of this doorbell are listed below:’



Inbuilt night vision Motion sensor is very sensitive
High definition audio and video quality  
Lifetime protection   
User friendly  
Cloud recording  
Comes in a variety of colors  

4) Ring Motion Detection 

As motion detection is listed under cons let’s find out what is the problem with it. Basically, there are two claims regarding motion sensor of Ring. 

It has a sensitive system of motion detection and sends wrong alerts sometime. 
Because of its false alerts, the manufacturers of this bell have loosened the sensors on purpose. That is why you receive alerts after a delay. 

Ring doorbell has 3 sensitivity levels. If you feel that Ring is detecting all the unnecessary motions. Then in that case you can change the level of sensitivity and make it weaker. This is something that one must try during the night time. 


Ring Doorbell will give your home a modern look and will also provide security to your house. Other than that, it will also attract some visitors. 

Ring Pro Video Doorbell Review

Now, let us talk about Ring pro video doorbell in the comparison between Ring Vs Ring pro video doorbell. Ring Pro is the latest product. It has extraordinary specifications, modern design, and innovative features.  Ring Pro video doorbell is better than Ring doorbell in every way. 

1) Installation Process

If you are talking about Ring pro video doorbell and Ring video doorbell in terms of installation, then Ring pro has an easier installation process. The package of Ring pro consists of everything that is necessary for the installation process. The things included in the package are: 

  • Video doorbell pro
  • Four interchangeable faceplates
  • Optional connectors and wiring
  • Pro power kit
  • Drill bit
  • Installation anchors and screws
  • Quick setup guide

2) Design

In terms of design, Ring pro is our winner. It has a great appearance and works perfectly. If you are looking forward to buy this doorbell product, then it is a great choice. The current buyers are extremely satisfied with the visual appearance of the doorbell.

On the other hand, there are some people who say that the doorbell looks a lot like an intercom, then a doorbell. As far as it is concerned about other parts, the bell is made really well and just by touching it, you will know that it is a high quality bell. If we talk about Ring vs Ring Pro Video Doorbell in terms of model design, then Ring has metal in it whereas Ring pro does not have metal in it. In other words, ring pro has received more positive responses in terms of design. 

3) Specifications and Features of Ring Pro

The camera has 1080p HD video quality. The field of view of its camera is 160 degrees. It makes use of LED technology and also has inbuilt night vision. Just like Ring video doorbell, it also has noise cancellation and audio streaming features. If you talk about motion detection system, then the Ring Pro motion detection system is the most advanced. It also maintains a proper view of your house’s entrance. Additionally, you can view any video at any time due to cloud recording. The moment Ring Pro detects the motion, it will begin to record the video. 

It has an exceptional feature of customizable alert zone. Furthermore, it is weather resistant. Its installation process is easy and it also syncs with Wi-Fi. Just like Ring Doorbell, it also comes in 4 different colors. It offers a warranty of lifetime. 

4) Pros and Cons of Ring Pro Doorbell

When we talk about Ring Vs Ring Pro doorbell, we must not forget about the pros and cons of the given products. So listed below are the advantages and drawbacks of Ring Pro doorbell.



One Way Video and Two Way Audio Field of View is Lesser in Comparison to The Ring
Modern Design  
Easy to Use  
High Definition Audio/Video Quality  
Inbuilt LED Technology & Night Vision  
Lifetime Protection  
Cloud Recording  
Enhanced Wireless Connection  

5) Ring Pro Doorbell Motion Detection

Ring pro motion detection system is highly advanced and smart. Ring manufacturers knew very well that their old products were causing motion detection issues. It used to send false alerts, which really annoyed its owners.  

So, they made up their mind to solve this issue and thought of an idea. Additionally, this product has a great motion system as now it has an additional feature of customizable alert zones.Every doorbell that has a system of motion detection system can send wrong alerts. That is why it was important to come up with an innovative solution. Now, with Ring pro, you can restrict motion detection to selected number of zones. This is a great means to avoid hassle and faults. 


In less words, Ring pro doorbell is one of the best doorbells and has exceptional features. If you wish to purchase a doorbell, then the best choice for you would be to go for Ring pro video doorbell. So, this is all you need to know about Ring vs Ring Pro Video Doorbell 2019

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