Mar 12, 2019

What to Do If Your Ring Video Doorbell Pro Goes Offline?

There are several circumstances where your Ring device can lose an internet connection.

Ring Video Doorbell Devices Goes Offline Because of These some Issue: 

  • A power surge leads to an issue with an internet router. 
  • You will lose power temporarily. 
  • A wire in the router setup becomes loose. 
  • When you change the password of your wireless network. 
  • In case your device is running low on battery.

Although you need to keep in mind that these circumstances are temporary. In many of the cases the moment when the network disconnection issue gets resolved, then your Ring device will automatically connect to the network. However, there are very rare chances where your device may remain disconnected. That is the case when you need to perform troubleshooting steps that will look for the possible reasons for disconnection. 

Steps for Troubleshooting Ring Video Doorbell Pro:

Step 1 : First of all if ring video doorbell pro goes offline, it is important for you to make sure that the issues you are facing are happening because wireless network is disconnecting. In order to check the internet connection of your Ring doorbell, you need to first open the Ring application and then choose the Ring doorbell and then finally tap on device health. 

Step 2 : It will show offline below the network header, in case your Ring doorbell pro goes offline. 

Step 3 : After that, you need to check if all the wires are properly connected. Also, you must make sure that all the front lights of the router are green.  

Step 4 : To solve the problem of ring video doorbell pro goes offline try to connect your smartphone or any other device to the network and see if the connection problem is still occuring.  

Step 5 : Disconnect your router for 30 seconds and then reconnect it. Check if your doorbell is reconnecting automatically.  

Step 6 : Press the button on the side of your Ring Pro for putting the device in the setup mode. Wait for 10 seconds and see if your Ring doorbell automatically connects. 

Step 7 : If whatever you do does not work for you, then in that case you need to ensure that your device is getting sufficient power. 

Voltage Problems with Ring Video Doorbell:

Although this is a rare thing but there have been cases where your Ring doorbell pro goes offline because of voltage problems. This happens because Ring Pro is not able to acquire enough power from the doorbell transformer. 

If you want to check the voltage of your device, then just open your Ring application and select Ring Pro and then you need to click on device health. If you want your Ring pro to function in a proper manner, then the voltage should not be less than 3900. 

Your Ring Pro device needs a power source that needs a minimum of 16VAC. In case your transformer is supplying a lesser voltage than this, then you will have to upgrade your transformer so that your Ring Pro device starts working properly. 

In case the power source supplies power more than 16VAC, then there is a chance that the resistance in the wires is not allowing you to receive sufficient amount of power. 

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