Apr 01, 2019

How to Fix Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working Issue?

Motion detection is one most classy features of the smart home security systems. For homeowners, getting notified about what's happening in and around is more crucial. The motion camera being unresponsive, motion detection not working, detecting motion but not recording, or delay in motion capture, what should you do in such cases? This blog helps to figure out various issues affecting the motion detection of Arlo camera.

Here are Some Troubleshooting Tips Discussed to Fix Arlo Camera Motion Detection Not Working Issue:

1. Reconfigure and Activate Motion Detection-

It is noticed that the security camera is not capturing moving people into its frame nor it is reacting to any other kinds of motion events, this means that the user has forgotten to activate the motion detection setting during its setup or configuration period. 

The motion detection capability is initiated by default in some of the security cameras. Therefore it is must to ensure that the motion detection is enabled for your Arlo camera during its setup through desktop software or mobile app.

If the problem still exists, readjust sensibility and reconfigure other motion detection settings like increasing sensibility to object size, increasing contrast to the max, resetting Geo-fencing, resetting motion detection schedule or resetting threshold level.

2. Update Firmware-

Considering your security camera is properly working as soon as any movement is detected into its frame. A complex algorithm runs in the background which calculates the pixies difference between different frames. However, once the algorithm works incorrectly, camera motion detection problems start approaching even when the people are walking or passing through the camera frame. Hp Printer Drivers

In such a case, updating the firmware of Arlo security camera or NVR/DVR to the latest versions fixes down the potential bugs causing motion detection error or any push notification problems.

3. Update Monitoring Software-

There are various monitoring software or apps used to capture motion and trigger motion alerts. Using such apps, users have to first enable motion detection and trigger notification system. By default, motion detection and triggers are enabled for some devices. 

In case if any bugs or unresolved technical issue occurs in the monitoring system or apps can possibly impact the performance characteristics of your security cameras. So it's better to update the apps or software to the latest versions thereby preventing or nagging all such motion detection problems all at once.

4. Reorient Placement Angle of Camera-

Security cameras like Arlo camera come with an in-built PIR motion sensor. An issue occurs when they flawlessly detect the motion but actually fail to record or capture that detected movement. While some cameras fail to detect and record motions through translucent surfaces like glass or window glass panel. 

To overcome such situations, it is better to position the camera at the right place without any object interference in its way. Avoid placing motion detection security cameras behind the glass window especially when they have a PIR motion sensor. Placing the security camera at the right height and angle is also important. Also, make sure that you have placed the wireless motion sensor security cameras closer to a WiFi router or hotspot.

Usually, far objects easily miss out from the camera angle. So, it is wrong to expect that your camera will pick every element and movement within its field view. Remember to focus on strategic areas under motion detection & capturing for best results and preventing unwanted false alarms. 

5. Check Your Email ID-

Motion detection feature of these camera notifies the user on their registered email address. Ensure that your email ID is active, logged into the app and is receiving regular security alerts. It might be possible that the camera is sending the motion alerts at the wrong email. 


Many of us get irritated with false alarm alerts or abnormal motion detection issues. Though some cheap security cameras available in the market have built-in motion sensors, experiencing problems like motion detection not working, frequent motion triggers or missing motion capture after months of use is a common thing. Hence it is always best to buy security cameras from top CCTV camera brands with guaranteed long-term stability in performance. 

The amazing surveillance feature of Arlo security cameras is creating its high demands among users. Moreover, they are also serving the motion detector feature that is advantageous when you are away from home at night. Keeping you everything updated with whatever happening around your residence through the Arlo app. 

Eventually, these security cams behave abnormally mainly because of its motion detector element that comes along. And leading such a flaw can prove to be dangerous even. This is why you will find this post useful to resolve the root cause of motion detection issues of Arlo camera.

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