Apr 10, 2019

How to Set Up Arlo Wireless Camera System?

With the rise in the demand of security cameras, several companies have began manufacturing them as these equipments not only reserve our place but also provide a variety of features which help us visualize the live footages of our area.

If you are in search of the best security camera for your home, you must proceed with Arlo Camera as they can also be linked with Arlo Solar Panel. To gather more knowledge about their features and various services, you can come in touch with the Arlo Support team.

Arlo cameras can also be utilized with the solar panel. Yes, one can link the Arlo solar panel to camera and light.

Utilizing the Solar panel to provide support to security camera is the most viable thing as you don’t have to recharge its battery repeatedly. By utilizing it, you will never need to charge it again. The solar panel uses power from the sunlight and maintains the charge of Arlo battery.

It is truly weather-resistant and comprises a movable mount so that it can be easily installed at an outdoor venue. It can be utilized with the Arlo Pro, Arlo go and Arlo security light system. We have come up with a detailed manual which will let you attain knowledge of the way to establish connection of Arlo Pro Solar Panel with Arlo wireless camera.

How to Establish Connection of Arlo Solar Panel to Arlo Wireless Camera Implement the Following Listed Steps for setting up an Arlo Solar Panel.

  • Select a proper outdoor location lying in a distance of 4.5 feet of your Arlo wireless camera.
  • Ensure that you are placing it at such a place where it can soak in the full sunlight.
  • Position the Arlo Pro Solar Panel on a fence, wall and ensure that you are mounting it in the direction of true south.
  • Utilize the provided screws and position it properly.
  • Position it on the mount and adjust the angle in the proper direction. For assistance, you can install the free Simply Solar app in your smartphone.
  • Verify if the battery of Arlo camera is totally charged or not. If it is not then charge it and then install it as the solar panel  to conserve the charge of your battery.
  • Link the cable to your Arlo camera.
  • Verify if the charging icon is showing in your Arlo application or not. It may take some time but it will show on your screen. Verify it on a daily basis and ensure that the battery percentage is not reducing.

These instructions apply to setting up Arlo Wire-Free cameras with both Arlo base stations and Arlo Pro base stations. If you sync Arlo Wire-Free cameras with an Arlo Pro base station, the Arlo Wire-Free cameras can access the Arlo Pro base station features: the siren and the USB local backup storage option.

To Set up and Sync Arlo Wire-Free cameras:

Step 1 : Unlock the battery by sliding and pressing the latch.

Step 2 : Slide the battery door backwards and lift it up to open up the compartment.

Step 3 : Put the batteries as shown and close the battery door.

Step 4 : Position the camera within one to three feet (30 to 100 centimeters) of the base station.

Step 5 : Sync the Camera with the Base Station:

If you are utilizing an Arlo base station, press the Sync button present on the side or on the back of the base station for around two seconds and then let go of the button.

Note: If you press the Arlo Wire-Free Sync button on the base station for too much duration, the LED under the USB symbol flickers amber for 10 minutes. While the USB LED is flickering amber, the sync process is blocked.

If you are utilizing an Arlo Pro base station, press the button present on the top of the base station for around two seconds and then leave the button.

Step 6 : Wait for the sync status LED to appear green.

Step 7 : Press the Sync button on top of the camera for around two seconds and then leave the button.

Note: Cameras must be joined one at a time.

Step 8 : A Blue LED on the Camera Flickers Quickly to Confirm Sync.

If the LED on the camera flickers amber, the sync is not effective. You must repeat the sync process.

  • Verify the camera LED on the base station.
  • If the camera LED on the base station turns solid green, the sync process is finished..
  • Repeat these steps for every camera.
  • Note: If you do not finish the sync process within 60 seconds, press the Sync button on the base station and try once more.

Article Summary:

The article comprises of information about utilizing a Solar panel with an Arlo wireless camera. We have given a whole guide on positioning it in a proper place. In case, if you need expert’s help, you can take assistance the Arlo Customer Support team which is 24/7 available to help their valuable customers.

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