Mar 16, 2019

Why is Alexa Not Responding to Voice Commands?

In case Amazon Echo does not give a response to the commands given by your voice, then there is nothing to be bothered about as here we are available with certain troubleshooting solutions to get rid of your Alexa not responding to voice commands problem. 

Tips and Tricks to Follow for Troubleshooting:

It is important for you to take certain necessary precautions, so that Alexa can listen to you and give a response to your command.

Step 1 : Initially, use the power adapter that is given to you by the Echo device as there are other adapters that do not provide enough power to turn on and work in a proper manner. 

Step 2 : After that, you need to press the action button that is placed on top of new Echo dot device. After that, check if it gives a response to your commands or not. 

Step 3 : There is a chance that echo speakers can be responsible for the problem of Alexa not responding to voice commands, which is the reason why you need to ensure that Echo device is kept at least 3 feet away from the speakers. If the speakers are close to Amazon Echo, then it becomes hard for Alexa echo to hear a word. 

Step 4 : Additionally, you need to keep your device at least 20 meters away from the walls. As the dust can fall from the walls and damage the speakers. Moreover, it can destruct the voice path and Alexa may not listen to your command because of the obstructions. 

Step 5 : Additionally to solve the problem of Alexa not responding to voice commands, it is important for you to ensure that you don’t use a loud noise when you speak. 

Step 6 : At the time of giving a voice command it is important for you to ensure that your voice is natural and clear. 

Step 7 : Last but not least, it is essential for you to keep your Echo device far from vocal outputs such as microwave, radio, TV and many more. 

In case you have used any of the tricks that are mentioned above, then you must reboot your Echo device. Majority of the users feel satisfied once they implement this valuable information. 

Basic Troubleshooting Solutions:

In case your Alexa is still not responding, then you need to use these solutions one by one, so that this issue gets resolved permanently.

Solution 1: Carefully Check the Microphone Button

In case Alexa is working perfectly but it is not giving a response to your commands, then you need to check whether the microphone button is turned on or off. 

These buttons are present on top of the Echo device and have a Mic symbol on top of them. Just press that button and ask Alexa to play a song or ask about today’s weather. If that also does not solve the issue of Alexa not responding to voice commands, then press the same button once again and use another solution. 

Solution 2: Restart Amazon Echo

Next thing that you can do is to press the up and down volume button. Also, press the microphone button at least two times. If you have tried all these things but Alexa is still not giving a response, then you must go ahead with the basic solution. 

  • Initially, you need to confirm whether your Echo device is giving a response to your commands or not. For that, you need to see if the blue color light is on or not. In case, it is  on, then that means Alexa can hear but cannot give a response. 
  • Then, you need to disconnect the Echo device from the power source. Also, you need to remove the other end of the wire from Echo for at least 30 seconds. 
  • Reconnect the wire into the Echo device after the period of 30 seconds is over. You should not worry about the wireless settings or anything else as it will start connecting after a few seconds. 
  • After that, the Echo device is going to boot again after at least 2-3 minutes. Then, you will be able to use it again.
  • To check whether the Alexa not responding to voice commands problem has been solved or not. Ask Alexa about today’s time and weather. 

This is one of the easiest and simplest solutions to get rid of the Amazon Alexa does not respond issue. 

Solution 3: Hard Reset Echo Device

In case you were not able to derive any benefit from the above stated solution, then another method that you can go for is to hard reset your Amazon echo. Here are the steps that you need to perform.

  • Carefully take a look at the reset hole that is present at the bottom of the Echo device. Use a paperclip for pressing the reset button for seconds. 
  • When you will press this button, then the blue light will turn on and then later that light will be changed into an orange one. 
  • Wait for the device to turn off and then restart. This will take the Echo device back to the original settings. 
  • After that, you will have to setup the Amazon Echo device using the Alexa application on your Smartphone. 

This solution works perfectly for many of the people. Most probably, it will also resolve your issue of Alexa not responding to voice commands. If this does not help in resolving the issue, then you can purchase its remote and give commands to Alexa using it. 

Solution 4: Disable or Enable Alexa Privacy

Whenever you setup Amazon Echo does not give a response to your voice. If that happens, then you can enable Alexa privacy.

  • Click on the button of Alexa that is present at the end of the Nucleus screen. 
  • This is going to enable Alexa. If you click on this button again, then Alexa will start to listen. 
  • You can check this by giving a command to Alexa. 

By doing this, you can definitely solve the issue of Alexa not responding to voice commands.

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