Feb 26, 2019

How to Fix it When Alexa Won't Connect to WiFi ?

Amazon's series of Alexa-enabled devices such as the well-known Echo can play vital role in making our lives more comfortable, but if there is no Wifi connection, Alexa is concluded to be inoperative.

There could be various reasons behind the inability of your Alexa to be connected to the WiFi. But in order to assist you in getting your virtual assistant online, you need to follow the troubleshooting tips mentioned below.

Restart Your Modem and Router

Before you assume that your Alexa-enabled device is at fault, it's highly recommended to restart both your modem and wireless routers to observe whether this fixates your connectivity problems. After rebooting both devices manually, you have to wait for a couple of minutes, then try to establish the connectivity between the Alexa to and your Wi-Fi network. You can resort to using your manual for the modem and router if you are facing difficulty in restarting any one of them. 

Restart Your Device that is Alexa-Enabled

Besides restarting your modem and wireless router, you can also initiate a physical reboot of the Alexa-enabled device for accomplishing your objective.

Restart your Alexa device

Turn off your Echo or another Alexa-enabled device, then switch it on, and then establish a connection to the Wifi.

Confirm  Whether Your Wifi Password is Correct or Not

One of the  reasons that your Alexa-enabled device is not able to establish a connection to a WiFi network may be that you are typing in the wrong password. This is the prime reason that leads to failing of authentication.

The most simple way to rectify this problem is to establish a connection of the same network to a different device with appropriate usage of the required password. The most preferred device for this kind of troubleshooting is a device that does not show any signs of trouble while connecting.

In case your Wifi is not able to establish the connection with other devices with these attestations, then there's a possibility that the password you are entering is not valid or incorrect.

Position Your Alexa-Enabled Device Nearer to Your Wireless Router

As wireless technologies have diversified, we often acquire a tendency to take Wifi signal strength for granted, thinking it can traverse compelling distances without getting degraded - especially in home and offices. However, often your Alexa-enabled device is unable connect to a Wi-Fi network because it lies outside the spectrum of the Wifi.  In such a case you can relocate your device to position it closer to your wireless router so that a dependable connection is established.

Position Your Alexa-Enabled Device Away From Probable Interference

Another factor that affects the connectivity is the distance between the Alexa-enabled device and wireless router. Further,  it also responsible for obtaining an uninterrupted connection.

Position your Alexa Device Away from Interference

Although rare, signal interference from devices such as baby monitors or other wireless electronics can occasionally prevent your Alexa-enabled device from making and maintaining the steady Wi-Fi connection it requires to function correctly.

Reset Your Alexa-Enabled Device to Factory Settings

If nothing is working, simply reset  your Alexa-enabled device to its default settings to eliminate  the Wi-Fi connectivity problems.

First-Generation Echo Products

For reconfiguring a first-generation Amazon Echo device to factory settings:

  • Firstly, identify the location of the Reset button - a small-sized hole located on the bottom side of your device. Using a paper clip, press and hold this button until the light ring on top of the Echo transforms from orange to blue.
  • After releasing the Reset button, observe as the light ring turning off and on, and then turning orange.
  • Your Echo is now reconfigured back to its factory settings and is about to begin installation via the Alexa app as if it was a brand new product. Follow the installation process and try to establish  its connection to your Wifi network.

Second-Generation Echo Products

To reset a second-generation  Amazon Echo device to factory settings:

  • Firstly, identify the location of the  device's volume buttons.
  • If your device is not having volume buttons, but instead has the volume ring on top, then you  have a first-generation product and should adhere to the instructions mentioned above.
  • Turn off the Microphone and Volume Down buttons unless the device's light ring turns orange and then transforms into blue.
  • Release the two buttons and observe  the light ring turning off and on, finally settling on the orange color.
  • Your Echo is now reconfigured to factory settings and is ready to be installed through the Alexa application. Trace the installation process and try to establish a connection to your Wifi network.

Other Alexa-Enabled Products

For all other Alexa-enabled devices, consult your product manual for instructions on how to accomplish a hard reset.

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