Mar 26, 2019

How do I Connect My Amazon Alexa to WiFi?

So at last you attained the latest Amazon Echo or any other Alexa compatible instruments. After unloading the devices, initially you are required to establish an echo device by establishing connection of Alexa to Wi-Fi. In order to install echo dot or other echo devices, you are required to Download Amazon Alexa App for Android, iPhone and also you can Download Alexa App for Windows. Adhere to the below-mentioned steps to for establishing Alexa to the WiFi Internet.

Easy Method to Establish Connection Between Alexa to Wi-Fi Network:

  • Initially Download Alexa App and set it up.
  • Unlock Alexa App and Type in Amazon Account Details
  • Then select Setting of an Amazon Echo
  • Choose your Echo Device
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Let  the orange light flicker. Click on “Continue” when the lights on echo transform from blue to orange

My Echo not Showing Orange Light Ring:

If your Echo device is not flickering Orange light ring then click and hold the Action Button for at least 6 seconds. When the Echo light switches orange from blue, then click on “continue”

  • Now establish connection of Alexa App to Echo. For this manual process, proceed to your Wifi settings on your phone and choose the internet network. It may require a few minutes. When your phone attains connection to custom-named Amazon network then turn back to Alexa App and proceed with the setup procedure.
  • After that select “Connect to wifi” button
  • List of Wi-Fi network will show up, choose the network to establish connection of  Alexa to the internet of your preference.
  • When the Alexa establishes connection to the Internet effectively, you will attain a message “Setup Complete” and [Echo Device] is now linked to a Wi-Fi network.

How to  Establish Connection of Alexa App to New Wi-Fi Network?

If you wish to establish connection of Alexa to the internet which you obtained recently or want to upgrade the existing Wifi network with a novel password then proceed ahead to the following points.

  • Open Alexa App
  • Click on Menu Button and choose “Settings” option from the drop-down menu
  • Choose your Device
  • Then, tap on update Wifi Option
  • Next, select “Connect to Wi-Fi” button
  • Adhere to the on-screen messages in a way to place your echo device in an installation mode
  • When the Device lights switch from orange from blue, tap “Continue” button
  • Then a list of Wi-Fi network will show up, choose network to establish connection Alexa App to the Internet and enter upgraded password
  • Now, Echo Device and Alexa App is linked to the Internet
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How to Establish Connection of Your Echo Device to a Wi-Fi Hotspot?

To  link your Echo Device to a Wi-Fi hotspot on your Smartphone, see the below steps:

  • Proceed “Settings” on your Smartphone and search for a Wi-Fi hotspot option.
  • Duplicate the network name and also the password for your hotspot installation.
  • Open Alexa App and choose “Devices” option present at the right-bottom of the app.
  • Now, choose your device.
  • Select the “Change” subsequent to “Wi-Fi Network”.
  • Movel down to choose “Use this device as a Wi-Fi hotspot”.
  • Then, choose “Start”.
  • Now, Type in Wi-Fi network name and password for your hotspot and then click on “Connect” option.

Next step, proceed to your phone configurations menu and turn your Wi-Fi hotspot active. Now your Echo device will find for the Wi-Fi hotspot network. Confirm when Echo connects to Wifi Hotspot effectively.

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