Dec 08, 2018

How to Connect Skybell to Wi-Fi?

SkyBell Wi-Fi setup enables an individual to speak, hear, and see the visitor that has arrived at one’s doorstep. This can be done even if you are at work, at home, or on the way to some place. SkyBell provides you safety, convenience, and control,which you never had ever before.

Statistical analysis shows that burglars ring the doorbell to determine whether you are at home or not. This way you can have the knowledge of the person who has arrived at your door. The SkyBell doorbell has prevented unauthorized entrances, so that family members and property at home remains safe. Uninstall your current doorbell and go for SkyBell Wi-Fi setup.  Enjoy all the cloud recording, remote monitoring, and security features by installing skybell video doorbell.

If you have SkyBell Wi-Fi connect, then there is no need for you to be worried about matters such as missing packages and interruptions at the time of having dinner. The best thing about SkyBell Wi-Fi connect is that you can connect as many members as you want. All an individual needs is a smart device, every user will get an alert notification but only one can answer and look at the video.

How to Sync SkyBell to a Wireless Network?

In order to do SkyBell Wi-Fi connect, you need to turn on the SkyBell application on your Smartphone and then navigate to Skybell device settings and start syncing your doorbell to a wireless device. When the SkyBell doorbell setup is done, the doorbell button should become green if the connection is successfully established by the wireless router.

In case, the light becomes red, then it means the SkyBell was not able to connect with the wireless network. If such a thing happens, then launch the application again. Now, go back to the settings of your device for reconnecting with the wireless network. When the connection is established successfully, there is no need for you to delete or resync the SkyBell.

How Does SkyBell Wi-Fi Setup Work?

When an individual pushes the button of Skybell Wi-Fi doorbell, every individual that has an approved Smartphone device will receive an alert notification on their Smartphone that someone is standing on their doorstep. In case, you accept an alert, then you will view a live streaming through your SkyBell camera. This will allow you to see, hear and have a conversation with the person at your doorstep. SkyBell Wi-Fi connect also offers a silent mode feature that enables you to receive notifications on your Smartphone even if you turn the doorbell off.

As far as it is concerned about the sound of the doorbell after having SkyBell Wi-Fi setup, then you will hear the same sound that you hear in case of a traditional doorbell.  When you install SkyBell doorbell in your house only the button of the doorbell is changed but the sound of the bell remains the same. If you are using the silent mode, then you can turn off the bell sound from the SkyBell application. You can do so by going to the area of device settings.

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