Jan 28, 2019

How to Fix Skybell HD Offline Error?

There are a certain number of things that you must check to see if your SkyBell HD is offline or disconnected. See the LED light colour of your SkyBell HD for understanding the pattern, which it is displaying before you continue.

If your SkyBell is fully connected, then its color should be solid green or a color selected by the default user. If it is showing offline in your SkyBell application or it seems like your application is not working properly, then here are some of the things that you can try out for fixing the skybell HD offline error.

1) Check if Your SkyBell HD is Receiving Power or Not

If you frequently notice that your SkyBell HD is generally turned on and only gets powered on when you push the power button. It may not remain connected to the power source. Please ensure that there is no warping as it can refrain the device from having metal contact that does not allow your device to get charged.

Also, check that the metal contacts on your router’s back or not pushed in, as it can also prevent your SkyBell HD from getting charged.  In case you find that the metals contacts are pushed in, then you can pull them out. If none of the above trials work for you, then you can try performing a reading of voltage meter. Also, you can replace the transformer to solve the problem of SkyBell HD offline error.

2) Please Ensure that Your Wireless Network is Working

In order to make your SkyBell HD device work, you need an internet connection. If you are using a Smartphone, then make sure that you are not using mobile data.

If you are not able to link with any device, then you must get in touch with your internet service provider, so that you can test the status of internet service in your area. Also, check if your router has been disconnected. This way you can troubleshoot the Skybell HD offline error.

3) Check the Version of Your SkyBell App

Go to the Google Play store or app store for ensuring that you have the latest version of the application.  Now, download the application for free.

4) Reboot Your SkyBell Application

You can resolve all your issues with the wireless network by soft resetting your SkyBell HD.

  • Press the power button of SkyBell HD for a duration of at least 30 seconds.

  • When the LED starts flashing the green light, then you can release the main button.

  • After that, the LED will begin to flash in blue, red, and green color. If the SkyBell keeps on flashing red and green color, then you will have to sync your SkyBell device again to the SkyBell application.

5) Restart your Modem or Router

If you will restart the router, then it will help in resetting the internet connection. Now, that you are restarting the router. You must also restart the wireless extenders or repeaters that you have to solve the SkyBell HD offline error.

  • Disconnect your modem or router from the power source. You can also switch it off.

  • Wait for a period of 30 seconds and then connect it back to the power source. Connect all the wires.

  • Now, that it is connected to the wall outlet, you can restart the modem or router.

  • Check all your wireless devices to see if you are connected to the wireless network or not.

6) Check Bandwidth

If there is no sufficient bandwidth, then that can cause issues in connecting to your SkyBell HD device.

  • In order to solve the SkyBell HD offline error, you must run an internet speed test on your smartphone or computer system.

  • For a few seconds, disconnect all your devices from the internet connection. You must disconnect one device at a time.

  • Once you have removed any one of your devices from the network, run one more speed test and check if there is any improvement in the internet speed or not.

  • Now, try connecting your SkyBell again and see if the SkyBell HD offline error gets resolved or not.

7) Check Wi-Fi Interference

If there are wireless interferences, then it can create problems for your SkyBell HD while making a video. It can also cause obstructions in the network and in sending notifications. After that your SkyBell device may start blinking. In that case you may have to move your router close to the SkyBell HD device or you can also use a wireless extender to get rid of the interference.  

8) Take a Look at the Advanced Settings on the Access Point of Your Router

If there are incompatible settings on your wireless router, then it can also cause the error of SkyBell HD offline or disconnected. There are certain things that you can do to see if these settings are leading to the problem.

  • Parental control and firewall can cause obstruction in the communication that is needed between the router and the skybell.

  • Here are a number of routers that provide the setting of packet burst, frame burst or Tx Burst. Every manufacturer keeps a different name for this but when it comes to performance or operation, then they are the same.  You may need to check the advanced section of the router configuration. If by chance you see these settings turned on, then in that case you must turn it off. Sometimes you call them as frame bust verizon, frame burst wireless, or Tx burst asus. This setting is only beneficial for the  G networks that does not create any impact on the AC or N networks. This will help in resolving the SkyBell HD offline error.

  • ALG refers to the application layer gateway and it is extremely common in commercial routers.  Its function is to provide protection against the router firewalls by inspecting the traffic packets of VIOP.  If required, it also modifies those packets. In various routers, the SIP ALG setting is turned on. If you wish to disable this setting, then you ca do so by going to the WAN setup or the advanced settings.

  • There is a chance that the device priority has reduced the amount of Bandwidth given to the SkyBell HD device. Move your SkyBell on top of the priority list. You can also check the manual to know further instructions. So, this will resolve your problem of SkyBell HD offline error.

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