Jan 16, 2019

Why is My Skybell Blinking Red and Green?

If your device is changing colours between red and green, then in that case you will be required to sync it again to make it work. Some instructions are given below that you can follow in order to sync the device once again so that the Skybell starts blinking red and green. 

  1. Please ensure that the device is still blinking red and green.  If it does not blink, then you have to hold the green button until it shows up green light. After that, you can release it. After that it should blink red as well as green. 
  2. After that, go to the application, then device settings and then finally delete the device. 
  3. Go to the device list and then add SkyBell. 
  4. After that, you must follow the instructions to sync the device. 

What do Different Colored LED Lights Indicate on SkyBell HD Indicate? 

SkyBell Indicate Red-Blue Lights: If the light is red-blue then it indicates that the device is getting charged and it is going to take 30 minutes to get charged completely. 

SkyBell Indicate Yellow Lights: It means that the device is starting to boot.

SkyBell Indicate Orange Lights: If the orange light is flashing, then it means that the bell is waiting for the wireless connection or the connection has been lost. The light also blinks if the device is not able to connect to the router. At the time of the syncing process, the bell will start blinking orange. It will also blink orange  at the time of connecting with the home Wi-Fi network. 

SkyBell Indicate Blue-green Lights: If the light is blue-green, then it means that the wireless connection has been established. 

SkyBell Indicate Yellow Lights: If the light is yellow and is flashing rapidly, then that is the sign of factory reset. Then, it means that the device is erasing all the user settings and details and bringing it back to the factory default settings.  Hold the button down so that it starts flashing the yellow light. 

SkyBell Indicate Green(rapid flash) Lights: If the light is turning green, then that means the device is going back into the mode of sync ready. If you hold the button for at least 3 seconds and then release the button, then the device will sync again after rebooting. 

SkyBell Indicate Red-green Lights: It means that the SkyBell is blinking red and green. It means that the device is in the wireless connection sync ready mode. The device flashes the green light rapidly after entering into the device sync mode. 

SkyBell Indicate Green Lights: Device is ready. The green color is the default LED colour. The colour will get changed through the application of Skybell HD. 

SkyBell Indicate White Lights: This light blinks in the call mode. A call gets initiated in on demand viewing, motion sensor, and button push. 

SkyBell Indicate Red Light (double flash): This light flashes twice if the power is insufficient. This means that device is receiving less power. It can also flash if the transformer fails. 

SkyBell Indicate Blue-Yellow Light: It blinks for firmware update. It means the the Skybell Doorbell device is updating firmware. The update is not going to take more than 3 minutes to complete. 

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