Mar 14, 2019

Why is MY Skybell Blinking Orange?

SkyBell is slowly turning into a leading developer when it comes to home automation development. It was also nominated for CES innovations and design engineering in the year 2014. 

The main reason behind introducing SkyBell in the market was to make neighbourhood and homes a safer place by using smart devices. It has a security platform and a smart lock. Additionally, it will turn on the smart lights. Moreover, a user can obtain notification on the mobile phone. Plus, it triggers motion sensor. 

It Makes Home Security Easier and One can Get to Know Who is at Their Doorstep using SkyBell HD Wireless Video Doorbell. 

  • It has full color night vision.
  • It has amazing motion sensor alerts.
  • It is rain and weather proof.
  • It is available in oil rubbed bronze and silver color. 
  • It has an easy installation process.
  • It also performs live monitoring.
  • Multiple users can get alerts to  answer the door and you can have multiple devices on every account. 
  • You can have a conversation with the visitor using two way audio. 

If your SkyBell has started blinking orange after a gap of every few seconds then that signifies that there is no internet connection. This can mean that your SkyBell device is not connecting to the SkyBell servers. Plus, it is also not linked to the wireless network. 

One of the Possible Causes for That are Given Below: 

If anything related to your wireless network changes such as password and the network name, then it may lead to SkyBell going offline. 

In case you see your SkyBell blinking orange or red, after failing in an attempt to sync to the network, then that may be because your Wi-Fi does not have a good signal strength. This is the reason why it takes time in connecting to the SkyBell. 

The Skybell starts showing this blinking pattern prior to getting a firmware update from the servers. This will maximum happen for 60 seconds. After that, it will start flashing blue and yellow lights alternatively. This particularly means that it is receiving a firmware push. In case you see your SkyBell blinking orange for more than one minute without going for yellow/blue lights. Then, there is a possibility of what has been discussed above. 

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