Apr 04, 2019

Skybell 2.0 vs Skybell HD Video Doorbell 2019: Pros & Cons and Verdict

Life has become modern and so the way of house maintenance. Modern house buyers not only focus on interior and outer appearance like floors, tiles but also minute usage items like switches doorbell etc. People want to use everything updated and doorbell are also an area of attraction both in terms of security and look.

Here, We shall Discuss about Comparison Between Skybell 2.0 vs Skybell HD Video Doorbell.

Skybell being one of the brands in doorbell gives us two of its best option and let us understand which of the doorbell tops the chart in which category. We shall discuss both one by one and conclude which of the two Skybell 2.0 or Skybell HD ultimately wins in comparison.

Skybell 2.0 Video Doorbell 2019-

Skybell 2.0 is one of the finest doorbells and easy to use, let us understand it through various parameters.


For installation we need a checklist that are essential for pre-installation point of view, these are:

  • Doorbell Chime
  • Power Check: The power must be 10 to 36 VAC 10 VA or 12VDC with an amp range between 0.5 and 1.0 amp.
  • Wi-Fi Speed Test
  • Router Check
  • Hp Printer Drivers

Now remove the old doorbell and put right mounting plate, drill the wall and put appropriate caps while instalment.

Connect the wires of doorbell to housewire and wait for LED to blink conforming connection is made correctly.

Mount the skybell in such a way that LED button is at bottom and smart camera at top, tighten the screw and install the app on your phone to create account.

Red LED blink confirms the sync between phone and doorbell.


It has a slim design and better look other than doorbells, however it lags behind in design as compared to Skybell HD video doorbell.

Skybell HD Video Doorbell 2019:

It is the durable and advanced doorbell as compared to Skybell 2.0. Let us explore the features and understand the difference from skybell2.0.


There is no much difference in installation as compared to skybell2.0, removing old doorbells, choosing right mounting plate and connecting home wires to wires of bell. Finally, tightening the screws and bell is ready for use.


A lot of attention has been paid for the design as it is weather resistant and clear 1080HD pictures can be expected at every view. Motion detector adds beauty of the features and detects even from eight feet even if the doorbell has not been pressed.


Let us understand the comparison and discuss the features with certain parameters as mentioned below:

Camera: Skybell 2.0 uses 480p and Skybell HD gives 1080p HD clarity. Hence, Skybell HD doorbells has an edge in camera parameter.

Motion Sensors: Skybell 2.0 offers a PIR detection at 90 degree whereas SkybellHD at 180 degree.

Motion Sensor Length: Object detection varies from 5’ as compared to 15’ in HD skybell doorbells.

Night Vision: Skybell 2.0 offers infrared illumination with black and white recording as compared to LED illumination and Full colour recording in Skybell HD doorbells.

Cloud Recording: It is optional in Skybell HD doorbell but not available in Skybell 2.0.


Let us Have a Look at Both Having Similarities as:

  • Easy installation
  • Wi-Fi support
  • Weather resistant
  • iOS, Android and Windows compatibility
  • Warranty of 1 year


Clearly Skybell HD is a greatly improved doorbell. Obviously, Skybell 2.0 is likewise pleasant yet in case you're willing to put somewhat more in your doorbell, you should go for Skybell HD.

In the event that we need to claim a first-rate doorbell and you're considering purchasing Skybell HD or Skybell 2.0, don't think much and go for Skybell HD.

On the off chance that you need exhortation from an expert, Skybell HD is a greatly improved choice. More individuals are getting it, more individuals are checking on it and Skybell HD has significantly more fulfilled clients than Skybell 2.0.

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