Dec 20, 2018

The Best SkyBell HD Doorbell Camera Review 2019

If you wish to get SkyBell HD doorbell camera review 2019, then you have come to the right place. The SkyBell HD may have an appearance similar to that of SkyBell Video Doorbell that was released in the year 2015. But that is the only similarity between the two. 


SkyBell Doorbell - PROS SkyBell Doorbell - CONS
Easy to Install No Web App
Sharp 1080p Video Some Barrel Distortion
Color Night Video  
Motion Detection with Pre-buffering  
Free Cloud Storage  
Works with other Smart Devices  


The doorbell creates HD videos with a resolution of 1080p with night vision. It starts capturing the footage before the event actually occurs. Moreover, it is compatible with a number of Smart Home devices. Additionally, it comes together with the free cloud storage to store an already recorded video, which is why it is the best SkyBell doorbell camera. 

Features and Designs

As far as it is concerned about the appearance, it looks like the original model only. Although this time the SkyBell doorbell camera has a backlit buzzer button and motion sensor. The device is puck-shaped and has a diameter of 2.8 inches. The doorbell comes with a bronze or silver finishing. Furthermore, it has a trim plus version  which can be fitted in a door frame. 

When you will open the doorbell box, you will find all the tools required for the installation of the doorbell such as anchors, mounting screws, drill bit, and a screwdriver. This doorbell can get connected to the chime box of your existing doorbell. In case, you are looking for a wireless doorbell, then the best alternative for you would be Ring Video doorbell 2. Mentioned below is the complete SkyBell HD doorbell camera review 2019. 

SkyBell Doorbell Camera Review 

As far as it is concerned about the camera, then it captures an HD video with  a resolution of 1080p. The field of view of this camera is 180 degrees which is wider in comparison to August Doorbell Cam pro and Ring Video doorbell pro. Additionally, SkyBell HD makes use of multicolored LEDs, so that you can view a night vision video instead of viewing a black and white footage, which other SkyBell doorbell cameras provide. The SkyBell doorbell has a microphone array and hardware specs. You can also connect the doorbell with the wireless network at your home.

Operate SkyBell Doorbell Camera by Using SkyBell App :

  • SkyBell HD has a mobile application that you can use to view recorded as well as live videos. You can store a triggered video in the cloud for a period of at least 7 days.
  • Dissimilar to other video doorbells, this doorbell does not charge you annual fees for storage. The screen of my devices will show up every doorbell that is connected with that name. All you have to do is to tap on the button of watch live and you will be able to see a livestream video by tilting your mobile device in the right or left direction.
  • There are different buttons on the screen that you can press for stopping the stream, clicking a snapshot, or to start a two-way audio.
  • By going to the settings option of the SkyBell Doorbell camera app, you can change the brightness level or LED color. Moreover, you can enable notifications. 
  • Additionally, you can disable or enable outdoor and indoor chimes. Other than that, you can make changes in the motion detection settings. 
  • You can select any of the sensitivity levels that is low, medium, or high. You can also change the image quality of your SkyBell doorbell camera according to your choice i.e. 480p, 720p, or 1080p.
  • You can also invite people to have an access to your SkyBell account. 
  • Right after the button of My Devices, you will observe the account or activity buttons.If you press the activity button, then you will be navigated to the motion video clips screen, button, integration, and on demand events.
  • Every clip has a snapshot with date and time stamp. You can delete share and download any clip by swiping it to the left. You have to tap on the clips in order to play the video. 

So, this was all that you need to know about the SkyBell doorbell camera review 2019. It has all the amazing features. Moreover, the SkyBell HD doorbell is compatible with smart systems like Amazon alexa and IFTTT applets. Also, it has a very simple installation process. 

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