Mar 15, 2019

What to Do if My Nest Thermostat Goes Offline?

Each one of you must have experienced this inconvenience caused due to connectivity problems. It is extremely vexing especially when you are in a middle of something important such as watching lectures on YouTube or filling up an important online form. Whenever there is any wireless connectivity problem, then the Nest application is going to show up an offline indicator.

An offline indicator can mean that there is some kind of problem with your wireless network. It can also mean that you need to charge the battery of the thermostat and in certain cases there can be issues with the Nest services. Irrespective of the internet connection, you can control your cooling and heating by directly getting in touch with the display. In the Article Below How You are Going to Solve the Problem of Nest Thermostat going Offline. 

Carefully Check the Sources of Wireless Interferences and Functioning of the Wi-Fi Network:

See if there is any other smart device at your home that is going through similar kind of connectivity problems. In case no other device at your home is able to connect to the Wi-Fi network. Get in touch with your internet service provider to test the status of service in your area. 

Interferences can also be cause because of the appliances and electronics, which are not connected to your Wi-Fi. You first need to go to settings, technical info, and network on your thermostat display for checking the signal strength on your Nest thermostat. This may solve your issue of  nest thermostat going offline. 

Check the Battery Level of Your Nest Thermostat:

If the level of battery goes below 3.6V, then your thermostat will get disconnected from the wireless network. You can check the battery readings on the thermostat display by going to settings, technical info and then finally to power. 

Low battery also indicates problem with the wiring. Please ensure that you have placed correct wires in the correct connectors. Also, you need to ensure that they are properly inserted, so that you are able to establish a good contact with the connectors. You should not turn on the connector button unless the wire is properly inserted. Trying out these things can help you in getting rid of Nest thermostat going offline. 

Restart Your Nest Thermostat to Refresh the Network Connection:

  • Turn on the display of your Nest thermostat in order to see a quick view menu. 
  • Go to the settings of your thermostat and press the button of display. 
  • Go to reset and then finally move to restart. 
  • Keep on turning the Ring unless the option of Ok opens up in front of you. 

You can also try out restarting your home networking equipment that is your modem or your router when you are restarting your thermostat. Unplug your router from the power source for one minute and then connect it back to the power source. This may help you in solving your problem of Nest thermostat going offline

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