Mar 08, 2019

Why is Nest Camera Blinking Green Led Lights?

If you have bought a new Nest camera, then its LED lights and chimes will tell you its present status. But do you know what each of the lights mean and can they be turned off? For example, you must be wondering what nest camera blinking green means.  So, let us find out what each of these LED lights indicate. 

Before moving forward, you need to know one thing and that is about the outdoor and indoor Nest cams have a single LED light just above the lens of the camera. 

What does Different LED Lights Indicate?

Nest Cam Blinking Green Light :

Nest camera Green light indicates that everything is working in a proper manner. It means that your Nest camera is connected to the wireless network and you can easily stream a video. 

Nest Cam Blinking Blue Light :

It means that your Nest camera is restarting or booting up. This happens when your camera is connected to the power source. It also happens when you restart your camera after a firmware update or a power cut. Additionally, it can happen when it is waiting to get added into the account. 

Nest Cam Blinking Yellow Light :

This light is displayed when Nest camera is having a difficulty is connecting to the wireless network. 

Nest Cam Blinking Green Light :

If Nest camera green light is blinking then that means that someone is watching a live stream video on the Nest website or the mobile application. 

Nest Cam Blinking Blue Light :

If the lights are blinking blue in colour, then that means normal operation is going on. It means that someone is watching the live stream video using Nest application and at the same time they are talking through the speaker. 

At the time of setup, it means that it is connecting to the wireless network or the setup process is being completed over Bluetooth. When the setup gets completed, then the Nest camera green light will blink. 

What does Nest Cam IQ LED Lights Indicate?

There are two LED lights in the Nest Cam IQ, there is a small status light close to the bottom of the lens and there is a bigger light ring that surrounds the lens. 

Status Light-Solid Green Light : 

It means that everything is working in a proper manner. The Nest camera is turned on and is connected to the wireless network and is going to stream the video. 

Slowly Blinks Green Light : 

If your status light blinks green slowly then that means a person is watching live stream presently on the Nest website and the Nest mobile application. 

Status Light - Blinking Green Light : 

In case the status light is blinking green, then that means Nest Cam is having a problem in connecting to the wireless network. 

Status Light- Solid Blue and Light Ring- Blinking Blue : 

It means that someone is watching a live video on the Nest application and at the same time he or she is conversing through the speaker. 

Status Light-Off,  Ring Light- Blinks Blue : 

It means that the Nest Cam is rebooting or booting up. It can happen when you connect your camera to the wall outlet or the power source. This also happens when you start your camera after a factory reset or when you are waiting to add it to your Nest account. 

Status Light- Off Ring Light - Blinks Red Once

This light shows that your camera is turned on but it is running low on power and it cannot work properly. 

How Can One Turn Off the Status Lights of Nest Cam?

In case you wish for your camera not to be noticed or if you think that the status light is really bright during the night time, then one can turn it off by going to the Nest app.

Here are Some Steps That You Need to Follow: 

  • Choose your camera and then go to the home screen of the Nest app. 
  • Now, go to the settings icon and then click on it. 
  • Choose the status light option by scrolling down. 

After that, you can decide in which situation you need to turn on the light and then the lights will get turned on. When it will get switched off, then the light may turn on again to notify you about status updates. 

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