Feb 12, 2019

How to Fix Nest Talk and Listen Not Working?

Listening and talking with people is only possible with a camera having a microphone that can pick up nearby sounds. Also, it should be having a speaker that lets you talk to anyone who is near to the camera. With Nest app, talking and listening is easy and effortless. 

Using this Nest app, you have to simply go to your camera’s live stream and use the Talk button to start speaking and listening at the same time from the other person. But certain times, the Nest user might have to face various kind of issues like the one which is most common: Nest talk and listen not working. 

This blog post helps you understand and troubleshoot the errors by yourself. 

Nest Talk and Listen allows you to communicate with the people who are away from you. How does this work? For example, you have set up and installed a camera on the front porch of your house. Now, this installed camera will automatically send a motion alert to you as soon as it detects someone. 

You have to just open the Nest app and check who's there. Suppose, you see it's the delivery person with a package. Here you can use Talk and Listen feature to command them for leaving the package on the porch. The next section discusses nest talk and listen working issues and way to troubleshoot them.

Is Nest Talk and Listen Not Working? 

If you’re facing issues while using the Nest app to talk with someone through the camera, or if the other person is unable to listen to what you are speaking, the following guide will help you to fix the different causes and their issues. 

1. Unable to Hear Camera Audio Using the Nest App  

  • If you have installed a Nest Cam Indoor or Outdoor in your phone or if you're using an iPhone to give instructions through a Nest Cam IQ, ensure that you release the Talk button when you are all ready to hear the reply from the second end.  If you are using a Mac or Windows computer, click Done option. Remember you will be unable to hear any sound until you release the Talk option.
  • While using a headset or speaker device( Bluetooth or wired), ensure that sound is coming through the speaker device only instead of the built-in speaker of your computer system, phone or tablet. Raise the volume levels as per requirements.
  • Ensure that the camera's microphone is turned on and you can adjust microphone sensitivity levels on some Nest cameras. 

2. The Other Person is Unable to Hear What You are Speaking Through the Nest Camera

This issue might occur because of some delays and interruptions in the network. You can expect a small delay in the audio when using Talk and Listen and that too nearer to the camera. 

The possible reason behind this can be your voice and the video from your camera are both going through the internet noises. If this voice delay is significant to you and the second person is unable to hear you at all then try some helpful suggestions below:

  • While using a headset or speaker(Bluetooth or wired) for phone calls, remember to talk over the device straightway instead of talking directly into your phone tablet or computer system.
  • For iPhone users, it is important to ensure that the Ring/Silent Switch is not switched to Silent.
  • The phone or tablet you are using for Next Talk and Listen might have a poor internet connection. So it is recommended that you use a stronger internet connection for Nest communication. If you're using Nest Talk and Listen on your cellular data then move to an area with better network coverage. Or simply use a  Wi-Fi connection for a fast and reliable network. If that Wi-Fi signal is also weak, then walk into an area where the signal is stronger and better.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi connection is poor in the area where the camera is mounted. For this, regularly check for wifi connection alerts while viewing your camera's video stream. Move the camera closer to your Wi-Fi router or implement some other suggestions for troubleshooting your camera's Wi-Fi connection in case required.

3. Unable to Talk and Listen Using the Safari Browser on a Mac Computer

If you are unable to Talk and Listen through the Safari browser on your Mac system then simply update that browser.

4. Speaker Volume is Not Adjustable

Note that the speaker volume of the camera cannot be adjusted to a high or low level. It is designed to capture all the strong sound signals which are near to the camera. 

So to use Talk and Listen in its best form, ensure that the camera is installed at the right place where the voice can be heard easily.

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